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Top Choice for Double Glazing and uPVC Windows in Rotherham, Barnsley & Doncaster

Britannic Windows & Conservatories proudly serves as the Doncaster, Barnsley and Rotherham areas’ first port of call for high-quality uPVC windows and double glazing. Unique amongst other window companies in South Yorkshire, we offer a complete in-house service, measuring, manufacturing and fitting windows for our loyal customer base. Our window fitters have NVQ qualifications and the relevant certification to undertake all projects confidently and professionally. We use high-quality Veka profiles on our products and assemble them to the highest standards.


Rest assured you won’t pay extra for the exceptional standard of customer service and workmanship that our team offers. If you’re looking to invest in uPVC windows fitted out with energy efficient double glazing, you’ll struggle to find prices more competitive at rival window companies around Doncaster, Barnsley and Rotherham.

Why Update & Replace Old Windows?

There are a number of reasons why our customers choose to replace their windows with new uPVC windows, or single glazing with double glazing. It might be out of sheer necessity, because a window has broken or a unit has been compromised, for example.


But often a home owner in or around Doncaster, Barnsley or Rotherham will call in our window fitters because they’re looking to invest in improving their property. Here are just a few of the benefits that replacing old windows with our windows and double glazing can afford…

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Outdated windows can have a negative impact on the curb appeal of a property, making an otherwise well-looked after home look in some sense neglected. New uPVC windows have a modern, glossy sheen that will help bring your Doncaster, Barnsley or Rotherham home into 2017, and attract buyers should you ever come to sell-up.



As one of the most experienced window companies in the region, we know all about how uPVC is extremely easy to clean and look after. It never requires re-finishing, just a wipe down with warm water and a cloth when the frame becomes visibly dirty. This will save you both time and money in the long-term.



When fitted out with double glazing, our windows can help you minimise your energy bill by reducing heat loss from your property. This is due to the multi-layer construction of uPVC windows, and the insulating layer contained within double glazing. So getting in our window fitters to upgrade your fixtures is likely to save you a significant amount over time, and ensure you’re warm and cosy in the winter



Live on a busy Doncaster, Barnsley or Rotherham road? Or perhaps you have noisy neighbours, or play a musical instrument? Whatever your reason for wanting to reduce the amount of noise coming into or out of your home, uPVC windows and double glazing are ideal, and will help you or your neighbours get a sound night sleep!



The way in which double glazing and uPVC windows are constructed make them highly effective at safeguarding a property against would-be intruders. Their durability make them much harder to break than, for example, old timber frames fitted with single glazing. Most window companies, including our own, also sell uPVC window units that feature extra reinforcements for customers living in high crime areas.



You might think that all these benefits would result in uPVC windows and double glazing being a bit on the pricey side. But their sheer popularity has meant they’ve become more and more affordable over the years. Nowadays, uPVC window units are the most affordable windows you can get – and double glazing has quickly become the wise economical choice because of the money it can save consumers mid- to long-term.

Add all of the benefits up and it’s easy to see how our products can significantly improve the value of properties in and around Doncaster, Barnsley and Rotherham. If you’re still unsure and would like to speak with a team of expert window fitters with over 30 years’ experience in the industry, call Britannic Windows & Conservatories – top choice amongst independent window companies in South Yorkshire.

To receive a quote on new uPVC windows and double glazing, contact our Doncaster based window fitters on 01709 252 389.