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Benefits of Conservatories in Rotherham

At Britannic Windows & Conservatories Ltd, we work closely with customers to help them choose double glazing with instant property benefits. Our bond with the local community of Rotherham ensures we offer always homeowners cost-effective solutions through our windows, UPVC doors and conservatories. We also cover the whole of South Yorkshire.


There are many advantages to be gained from having a conservatory installed at your home. Firstly, there’s the extra space to consider. Some property owners move to give themselves more room but conservatories offer a more affordable option to gain space in comparison to the cost of buying a new house.


Include the integration of double glazing into conservatories, such as the addition of UPVC doors and windows, then couple them with the many different styles we offer to our Rotherham customers, and it’s easy to see why we can supply a worthy extension that will not only complement your home but also add value to it.


By including top-rated windows and UPVC doors, our conservatories offer high energy savings. Double glazing keeps heat in during cold winters and reverses the process in summer. This means our Rotherham clients are able to enjoy their homes whatever the weather. Because the designs of our windows and UPVC doors let in so much light, property owners can’t fail to notice the full benefits our conservatories bring on a year round basis.

Picking the Right Conservatories

Traditional conservatories of a certain style suit older properties in Rotherham, particularly our Victorian and Edwardian models. All conservatories can be made to match existing UPVC doors or windows, using double glazing as an energy saving feature. Conservatories can be built with full glass or dwarf walls to your preferred tastes. Traditional conservatories are solid structures that lend a classic quality to any home.


More recent conservatories add a modern feel to a home and have become an increasingly popular installation choice. They tend to be a little pricier but ideal for brand-new or purpose-built properties in Rotherham. As we do with our products and double glazing materials, we work hard to give our customers the most competitive prices in Yorkshire.


We recommend double glazing for both traditional and modern conservatories. Roofs may need to be installed with polycarbonate rather than heavier glass in case the construction isn’t designed to cope with the added weight. This is something we discuss when providing any quote for conservatories with integrated UPVC doors and windows.

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