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Many Doncaster homeowners have enlisted Britannic Windows & Conservatories to help improve the value of their home, either because they’re looking to attract buyers and achieve a higher selling price, or because they want to make a long-term investment they can immediately reap the benefits of. Our door and window fitters will often suggest replacing old doors with uPVC doors or composite doors, and old windows with uPVC windows (complete with double glazing). Other times, existing fixtures are fine, but one option on the table might be tasking window companies such as ours, with implementing uPVC conservatories.


As there are so many options we make available to our Doncaster clients, on this page we’ve provided some valuable information about each service, so you can determine the most cost-effective improvement for you. If you would like to speak with our door and window fitters directly do not hesitate to call us on 01709 252 389.

How Britannic Windows & Conservatories Can Help Improve the Value of Your Home…



Older timber windows can be found in countless Doncaster homes and while many are still fit for purpose, our window fitters come across countless that have rotted, chipped, warped or been in some other way compromised. Not only do old and damaged windows severely impact the curb appeal of your property, they often let more heat escape, meaning higher home energy bills.


As the leading choice amongst South Yorkshire window companies, we can fit attractive and energy efficient uPVC windows (with double glazing), saving you money long-term and making your home warm and cosy in the winter months. Our services extend to replacing windows on uPVC conservatories. uPVC windows are made from some of the most affordable materials on the market and come at a highly competitive price. For a quote, do not hesitate to give our window fitters a call on 01709 252 389.



One of the first things you’re greeted with when visiting a friend or family member’s home is the front door. As such, poor quality or unattractive doors can instantly deter would-be buyers or knock a hefty number off the price you might get for your property. At Britannic Windows & Conservatories, we offer an expansive range of both uPVC doors and composite doors for customers in Doncaster and the surrounding South Yorkshire areas. Come to us over other door and window companies in the region for high-quality services and products.


Just like uPVC windows and uPVC conservatories, uPVC doors are very cost effective and appealing. However, you’re looking to spend a little more on a “premium” product that offers extra security and improved energy efficiency, look no further than composite doors. We make, supply and fit a range of uPVC doors and composite doors in all sorts of colours and styles, so you can really get creative and make a long-lasting first impression to friends, family, neighbours and potential buyers.



While double glazing used to be a luxury that not many could afford, it’s now by far the most popular glazing used in properties around Doncaster. This is because it is far more energy efficient than single glazing. Implement it throughout your home within uPVC windows or uPVC conservatories and you’ll ensure heat stays within your property well.


Another reason why window companies find double glazing to be such a popular product is it reduces the amount of noise heading in and out of a property, helping people on both busy roads and quieter suburban streets get a restful night’s sleep. It is also much harder to break and as such, window fitters recommend replacing comparably brittle single glazing with double glazing for enhanced security.



In addition to investing in composite doors, uPVC doors, replacement windows or double glazing, conservatories are one of the most popular home improvements in the UK. Lacking space? Our uPVC conservatories are a fantastic way to create additional space, that can be used for anything from dining or relaxing to playing or working. A conservatory also provides a great place to sit and enjoy your garden, whilst allowing natural light to filter into your Doncaster property.


While the investment you make is obviously more substantial than replacing a couple of uPVC windows, composite doors or fitting double glazing in a couple of fixtures, the pay-off is much larger too. In fact, quality uPVC conservatories fitted by reputable window companies and window fitters such as our own, can improve the value of a property by around 7% (according to Telegraph property expert Phil Spencer).

To discuss ways to improve your property with attractive and affordable uPVC windows, composite doors, double glazing or uPVC conservatories, call our Doncaster window fitters today!