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Versatile Conservatories in Barnsley, Rotherham & Doncaster

At Britannic Windows & Conservatories, we manufacture and install high-quality uPVC conservatories for customers in and around Doncaster, Rotherham, Barnsley and the wider South Yorkshire area. From Victorian and Edwardian to lean-to and p-shaped, our team specialises in all styles of conservatories and can provide you with no obligation advice to find the best design to suit your property.


Conservatories are a popular addition to the home. First built in Britain all the way back in the 1660s, they were most often used early on to house orange and citrus trees. Today, they have many versatile uses and are an excellent alternative to a house extension, providing extra space and value to your property. In this blog post, we’re looking at the many different uses for a conservatory.


6 Uses of Conservatories in Domestic Properties


Dining Room

Using our uPVC conservatories as a dining room is one of the most popular ways to utilise this light and airy space with our customers in Doncaster, Rotherham and Barnsley. Sit down with the family or entertain guests with a lovely view of your garden. During the summer, doors and windows can be opened to make you feel even closer to the outdoors.


Kitchen Extension

Feeling cramped in your kitchen space? Want to create an open space to cook and sit down for a meal? Having a conservatory installed as an extension to your kitchen creates a wonderful open and specious area, making your kitchen truly the heart of the home. As well as creating more space, the conservatory will also allow more light to enter your home.


Living Room

Whether you’d like to use your existing living room for another purpose or dream of having a second living room, one where you can enjoy being close to nature, use our uPVC conservatories to create an exciting new living space. By adding plants, a rug and comfortable furniture, you can make the area cosy and warm, to be used all year round.



Many of our clients in Doncaster, Rotherham, Barnsley and the surrounding South Yorkshire areas come to us looking to create a space to work in. More and more people in the modern day are working from home and a conservatory space is an ideal area to concentrate in, separated from the bustle of the rest of your house and with relaxing views out to your garden. As well as an office, it can also be a place to study or even used as an art studio.


Plant/Sun Room

Taking a leaf out of the Victorian’s book, use your conservatory as a sunroom for plants and relaxation. There are numerous plants you can grow inside of our uPVC conservatories, with citrus plants being especially popular for centuries. Other plants that will thrive in your conservatory include orchids, peace lilies, herbs, succulents and spider plants.


Play Room

Whether you have a two-bedroom house in Doncaster, a three-bedroom cottage in Rotherham or a four-bedroom home in Rotherham, there comes a point for every parent when you realise your growing family needs more space. Rather than forking out for an extension or going through the pains of moving, consider getting a conservatory built for that additional much-needed space.

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