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Saving Money with Double Glazing Windows in Barnsley

Britannic Windows & Conservatories is an established company that is currently leading the way in its marketplace by providing high quality double glazing, windows, conservatories and UPVC doors in Barnsley and the surrounding South Yorkshire area. We are also first for great advice on how our windows and conservatories can help customers to save money.


For many households in Barnsley, double glazing is a key element of achieving affordable, more manageable bills. Here, we explain how our energy-rated windows and UPVC doors work, and what the various energy ratings mean.


Double glazing consists of two panes separated by a special layer of gas or air. Double-glazed windows keep warm air inside your Barnsley property, cutting down on draughts, condensation and outdoor noise. Our double glazing also provides higher security than you’d expect from single glazing thanks to advanced multi-locking systems.


Security is also a major feature with our UPVC doors and conservatories, which are both proven to be effective ways of adding kerb appeal to your Barnsley home; a tremendous advantage that will also provide homeowners with a welcome upturn in property value.


By replacing single-glazed windows at a 3-bedroom Barnsley home using our energy-efficient double-glazing, consumer groups predict that you could save up to £100 a year with B-rated glass and up to £120 a year with A-rated glass. Our double-glazed windows and doors are predicted to last well over 20 years.


Our double glazing can also be used during the installation of conservatories in Barnsley and, when combined with our windows and UPVC doors, a full property package adds up to become a fantastic opportunity for savings which could pay for part of the installation.


The windows energy rating system follows a similar pattern to appliance labels, with the highest being A+ and the least effective being G. Current building regulations in Barnsley and the UK require double glazing and triple glazing to be at least C-rated. The difference between C to B and B to A could save you around 6.5% on your energy bills.


Britannic Windows & Conservatories use the same energy saving principles as they do with windows and UPVC doors when it comes to providing conservatories for clients in Barnsley. Our bespoke constructions not only add style to properties but, just like the rest of our high-end double glazing products, they also enable customers to save money on utility costs.

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